Monday, July 23, 2012

Just alot of pictures of Korlyn because...

pajamas, piano..and oh yes, skates!

oh, her wee


...I love her so.

When I was pregnant with Korlyn I would imagine how she might be as a little girl, like sweet, calm, gentle.


She is all of those things, completely.

She loves to snuggle, hug, fall asleep on my lap, put lotion on my legs, put her dolls to sleep under the covers.

This sweet girl cries at the sight of other's tears.

 What I so gratefully get to witness is that she's also...

 really funny, opinionated, emotional- and will
tell you exactly how she feels and how you made her feel:)

I think her sensitivity is wonderful, and I always want to support this in her because I feel it is a beautiful trait to embrace in life.

Even if it is really hard to work through these emotional moments with her.

Sometimes I even feel like I am the kid and she is the adult because she tells me just what to do:). I try to be really understanding of her frustrations, sometimes I am not so good at this and get overwhelmed, yet I think I am really good at returning to our "moments" and am able to calmly talk about our feelings.

Also, she loves to wrestle with her Daddy and Cole, sing, make up words, put on makeup and...


This girl loves people-hug, talk, ask questions, make jokes, dance.

She's a people person like her Daddy.

I'm really shy and she just opens up in the presence of others. Love this about much.

I love you wake my smile

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