Monday, April 12, 2010

Grow~Waking up Happy

Cole made this for me at school. He asked to hang it above the dresser in front of my bed, so that upon waking I would look up and see these hearts and be so happy. He even acted out waking up and smiling to them. In these moments I can feel my lungs expand with air and everything in that loved-laden moment slows down. Everything feels simple, less adult~ish. I think to myself that childhood can be a sense not just a memory. Like when I am laying on the trampoline staring at the sky, wide open and accepting of all that is possible, as I've done a million times as my younger self. That honest feelings and open hearts are not lost upon children. Each day I wake to these happy hearts and I smile that one smart four-year-old has so much to show me, and that because of him I must continually grow.

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