Monday, January 25, 2010

~ The rhythm and the movement ~

Grow ~ family, activity, movement, play, daily, awareness,
 objects (found, bought, adored), the things that move us,
interaction, how this family plays, laughs, cries, triumphs
and loves

Nourish ~ food, garden, recipe creations, taste, thirst, regional foods,
seasonal, farmer's market, mediterranean food, vegan/vegetarian,
meat, untensils, raising healthful eaters, farm, cooking with herbs,
sustainability, consciousness

Artistry ~ made, sew, paint, charcoal/cloth, words,
writings, kid's art, music, inspiration,
books, ideas, connection, support, wonder, soul, spirit,

Wonder ~ photo, glimpse, frame, thumbprints, loves,
touch, unity, prints, handprints,
ponder, nature, easy, simple living, presence

These are the words that flow in and out of my daily life.
All the ways I create, live and love.
...the rhythm and the movement.

1 comment:

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